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The original notes used by Steve Prefontaine to deliver the keynote address at a banquet held in Eugene, Oregon in November, 1974. The banquet was held the night prior to the 1974 National Junior College Cross Country Championships. The notes are in Pre’s own handwriting and give an excellent incite as to Steve’s thoughts about the sport of cross country running.

I didn’t start running until way beyond high school or college, so I never heard to Prefontaine until these past few months. He was pretty amazing and insightful.

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Running is not just a sport.


It is early mornings and peanut butter.
It’s slipping on ice and sweating to death.
It’s feeling like you can’t breathe and wishing your legs would fall off.
It’s sticking it out on the treadmill and pushing through bad runs.
There is no off-season, no one to cheer you on at 5:00 a.m, and no cure for your hunger.
When it comes down to it, running is whatever you want it to be, whatever you need to be, and whatever you have in you.

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